Why is Bluestacks so slow and how to speed up Bluestacks

Do your Bluestacks run slows do you want to know why is Bluestacks so slow and how to speed up Bluestacks. Then you are at the right article, in this article, we will talk about why is Bluestacks so slow and how to speed up Bluestacks.

Why is bluestacks so slow

Android gaming improved day by day and android gaming experience on pc is also improved day by day thanks to Bluestacks. But due to poor performance, we face a lot of problems nowadays while using Bluestacks and playing games on it. Sometimes our games lag in the middle of the game that ruins our gaming experience badly. So in this article, we will discuss how to make Bluestacks faster. So let’s get started.



In today’s world of gaming android game is at its peak and talking about android gaming experience on pc it’s even better nowadays thanks to android emulators. And now talking about android emulators Bluestacks is the best choice right now.

Bluestacks is a free android emulator for pc which was developed by Bluestacks company and founded in 2011 to push the boundaries of mobile gaming. Bluestacks allow you to run an android device on your pc which will be 6x faster than your normal android device. You can enjoy androids games like PUBG, Fee Fire, Clash Of Clans, Fortnite, GTA etc and Apps Like Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagrams ETC on PC freely with the help of Bluestacks. And the latest version of Bluestacks is Bluestacks 4 which comes with many new and upgraded features that will definitely move your android experience to the next level.


Why is Bluestacks so slow

We have heard lots of complain about Bluestacks being slow and even slowing down your pc. So Why is Bluestacks so slow? Bluestacks need at least 2Gb of ram to perform well and for better experience and smooth performance of Bluestacks you need even more amount of ram so the main cause of slow performance of Bluestacks may be your amount of RAM present on your PC which is not enough for this software. And the most common reason for bluestack slow performance is existing malware and viruses which are already on your pc.

Sometimes the main cause of the bad performance of Bluestacks is not giving enough ram to Bluestacks and not set up the required settings for Bluestacks so follow our below guide on how to make  Bluestacks faster.


How to speed up Bluestacks

Depending on your problems cause there are various methods to speed up To solve the problems we have to find its cause. Here are some examples

If the main cause of Bluestacks slow performance is your amount of ram present in your pc then you have to consider to upgrade your ram or upgrade your PC to a newer one. And if the cause of the slow performance of Bluestacks is the presence of malware and viruses on your pc then you have to purchase new antivirus to clean your pc. And if the above reasons are not the reasons for your problems then follow the below step by step guide on How to speed up Bluestacks.

So we have discussed Why is Bluestacks so slow and we have collected some information about How to speed up Bluestacks as well. So before going on step by step guide first we have to do some primary things like cleaning up ur temp file and closing unnecessary apps from backgrounds.

To cleaning up temp files

  • Step-1 goto run box by pressing win+R
  • Step-2 write %temp% and hit enter
  • Step-3 select all files and delete them

To closing unnecessary from startup menu

  • Step-1 open task manager either by clicking windows button and searching for task manager or pressing Control+Shift+Esc
  • Step-2 Click on More details
  • Step-3 click on startup
  • Step-4 disable unnecessary apps from their
  • Step-5 restart your pc for save changes

(Note:- if you are using windows 7 or fewer version than follow below guide)

  • Step-1 goto run box by pressing Windows+R
  • Step-2 type MSConfig and hit enter
  • step -3 goto startup and disable unnecessary apps

Now we will follow below step by step guide to Make your bluestack faster.


How to make Bluestacks faster


Allocate more RAM and Cpu in “Engine settings”

If you have enough RAM on your system and still your Bluestacks perform slow then you can try the following method to make your Bluestacks faster.

Allocate more RAM and Cpu in “Engine settings”

  • Step-1 open Bluestacks
  • Step-2 Click on the downward arrow button(Option Button) which is located at the right corner.
  • Step-3 Click on settings
  • Step-4 Click on engine and choose DirectX (If necessary)
  • Step-5 set the required amount of ram and processor according to your need and system
  • Step-6 click restart to save changes



Disable antiviruses while playing on Bluestacks

  • Step-1 open antivirus
  • Step-2 find real time protection tab
  • Step-3 disable real time protection
  • Step-4 open task manager either by clicking windows button and searching for task manager
  • Step-5 close the antivirus completely from their( end the all process related to that antivirus)



By updating graphic card of your pc to the latest version

  • Step-1 find your graphic card name and its version
  • Step-2 goto your graphic card official website and check if any update available
  • Step-3 if updates are available than download update file and update your graphic card.

Note:- official website of graphics (Downloading Links)




Enabling virtualization on your computer

  • Step-1 reboot your pc and go to your bios
  • Step-2 find the CPU configuration section and look for a menu called processor, CPU configuration, chipset or northbridge
  • Step-3 look for virtualization settings
  • Step-4 select enable option
  • Step-5 save setting and exit from bios
  • Step-6 Restart your pc



Completely uninstall and reinstall Bluestacks

We have found many of the users are facing the problem of slowing down Bluestacks because of some bugs. You need to completely uninstall and reinstall Bluestacks to fix that bug. So we have come up with step by step guide on how to uninstall Bluestacks completely from your PC and reinstall it.


Conclusion for why is Bluestacks so slow and how to speed up Bluestacks

We have discussed various reasons of Why is Bluestacks so slow and also provide you various methods on How to speed up Bluestacks. And I hoped above method works perfectly for your problems and now you can able to enjoy android gaming experience smoothly on your pc. And make sure before following any method for Making Bluestacks faster you have to find out the main cause source of problem that slows down Bluestacks. And if you faced another’s problems like Bluestacks engine won’t start then read our article on how to fix it. And if you want to know Is Bluestacks safe or which is better Nox vs Bluestacks read our article on that. I hope you liked our article. Please leave your thoughts on this article by comment down below.



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