Nox vs Bluestacks- Complete comparison between Bluestacks vs Nox

Gaming has increased way faster than we expected. In today’s world, almost everyone plays games. And the android gaming experience is at its peak now. Due to the high demand for android gaming android emulators like Bluestacks Nox players were born. In today’s article we will discuss about Nox vs Bluestacks which is better. So let’s get started

Nox Player and Bluestacks are the most popular android emulators out there. So in this article about Nox vs Bluestacks, we will find out which android emulator is best for us. We will compare them by different factors like compatibility, size, and features, user experience and review, performance, etc.

First, let us introduce the most popular and well-known android emulators in the market Bluestacks and Nox Player.



Bluestacks is a free android emulator for pc which was developed by Bluestacks company and founded in 2011 to push the boundaries of mobile gaming. Bluestacks allow you to run an android device on your pc which will be 6x faster than your normal android device. You can enjoy androids games like PUBG, Fee Fire, Clash Of Clans, Fortnite, GTA etc and Apps Like Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagrams ETC on PC freely with the help of Bluestacks. And the latest version of Bluestacks is Bluestacks 4 which comes with many new and upgraded features that will definitely move your android experience to the next level.


Nox player

Nox player is also a free android emulator for pc which was developed by Nox company. Nox player app has great usability. With Nox, you don’t have to download the latest games from a third party because most of the popular games are already available for direct downloading inside the Nox player. Nox player is mostly designed for windows but for a Mac user, you can find a separate Nox player for mac you can enjoy Nox player on your mac by creating a virtual android tablet on mac desktop.


Now we get general knowledge of Nox player so let us do the comparison of Nox player vs Bluestacks By the minimum system requirements.



minimum system requirements 

Bluestacks minimum system requirements

To install Bluestacks android emulator users will need the following minimum system requirements.

  1. Administrative access on your pc
  2. You must have minimum 2GB of RAM and 4GB of hard drive space
  3. Talking about direct you must have direct x 9.0 or higher installed on your windows pc
  4. And the drivers of your pc should be updated to the latest version to help Bluestacks to function properly
  5. Your pc must have minimum service pack 2 or higher


Nox Player minimum system requirements

To install a Nox player android emulator on windows users will need the following minimum system requirements.

Operating System
Windows® XP SP3 / Windows® Vista /Windows® 7 / Windows® 8 / Windows® 10 (latest Service Pack) and DirectX 9.0c

At least dual-core processor, both Intel and AMD are OK 

Supports OpenGL 2.0 or above

1.5 GB RAM 

1 GB available under installation path, 1.5 GB available hard drive space 

Broadband internet connection 

No special requirements

No special requirements 

Now we know the minimum system requirement to install both software so its time to talk about the most important factor which is user experience.



User experience

User experience plays the main role in software ranking and popularity. Each and every software needs to have a smooth and easy user experience to be in the top. Let’s talk about the user experience of the Nox player and Bluestacks.


User experience of Bluestacks

Bluestacks provide various features which makes user experience smooth while playing games on Bluestacks. The most important of Bluestacks android emulator is its easy keywords mapping which make a lot easier to play games on it. And the auto customized keys for most popular games like pubg clash of clans etc make it easy for users to use it without any complication.

The performance of Bluestacks will always depend upon your system performance and how many processors and RAM you provide for Bluestacks. Bluestacks need a minimum of 2 GB of RAM to install it but talking about smooth performance you will need little more RAM to fully enjoy the smooth gaming performance with Bluestacks. Overall your device must have well enough processor and hardware to fully enjoy the performance of Bluestacks.


User experience of Nox player

Talking about Nox player user experience, Nox player has a little bit advantage over Bluestacks. Nox Player is very easy to use and especially for those people who are new in the emulator world you will be one hundred percent satisfied with Nox player usability. You will know Nox player is not much different from actual android smartphone.

To make gaming performance much better Nox player provide a variety of controls, virtual analog, touch screen and simulator simulators.but in terms of performance Bluestacks has upper hands because Nox player does not have that much great performance like Bluestacks but if you are more focused on usability Nox player is much better.

Now lets it’s time to talk about the performance. So in this article about Nox vs Bluestacks, we will discuss about their performance




Performance of Bluestacks

Bluestacks asked a renowned silicon valley software testing company to conduct Benchmark performance ranking tests on all Android emulators like Bluestacks, Nox App Player, KOplayer and memu, etc and for this benchmark performance test the result come with Bluestacks fever that means if you have the latest pc or laptop then the performance of Bluestacks is almost uncatchable for other android emulators. Overall Bluestacks 4 received 165000 total score on the benchmark performance test.


Performance of Nox player

Nox player undoubtedly has the most easy and smooth usability compare to other android emulators but in terms of performance Nox player is far more below than Bluestacks but according to renowned silicon valley software testing company Nox player has the second-highest performance record compared to other android emulators. Overall Nox player received 121410 total score on the benchmark performance test.



Others on Nox vs Bluestacks

Bluestacks Nox Player
File Size 442 MB 344MB
Official websites
Release date April 25, 2009 August 2015



Conclusion about  Nox vs Bluestacks

Both Bluestacks and Nox player are leading and most popular android emulator software available on the internet. Both have satisfy user experience and performance compared to other emulators. You can pretty much smooth gameplay as well as safe and secure to use. You can try both of them I am pretty sure you will not regret choosing any of this software. Most importantly both software Bluestacks and Nox players are completely free to use. You can enjoy android gaming experience like never before with this two android emulators for pc.



My personal thought about  Nox vs Bluestacks

If you ask me to choose one over them I will go after Bluestacks which is growing much faster than other emulators and has the highest performance guaranteed if your device has the required system. But Nox player is also good as well if you are new in the emulator world and want an easy and smooth usability emulator and don’t care much about performance then you can definitely go with Nox player.

What are your thoughts about  Nox vs Bluestacks please live a comments below.



  1. I had been using Droid4X for a long time, but since it stopped updating, and it started to give me problems with certain games, I looked for another one. BlueStacks 4 is undoubtedly very fast, only full of advertising. However, Nox 6.5 over the days began to slow down. My hard: FX8350-16GB RAM-R9 380Nitro 4GB-Win 7×64.


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