How To Root Bluestacks Complete Step By Step Guide

Are you looking for ways to root your bluestacks 4 or bluestacks 3? Do you want a full step by step guide about How to root bluestacks? Well, you are at the right article you will find each and every detail information and complete step by step guide about how to root bluestacks.


bluestacks 4

Android, I am sure you are definitely familiar with the term android. Android is the most widely used operating system today android operating system was developed by Google and which is mostly used on our smartphones. So talking about Bluestacks, Bluestacks is a free android emulator for pc which was developed by bluestacks company and founded in 2011 to push the boundaries of mobile gaming. Bluestacks allow you to run an android device on your pc which will be 6x faster than your normal android device. You can enjoy androids games like PUBG, Fee Fire, Clash Of Clans, Fortnite, GTA etc and Apps Like Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagrams ETC on PC freely with the help of bluestacks. And the most awesome fact about bluestacks is you can easily enable superuser mode on it. That means you can root your Bluestacks. So in this article we will discuss about how to root bluestacks let’s get started.


What is Root?

According to Wikipedia rooting is the process of allowing users of smartphones, tablets and other devices running the Android operating system to attain privileged control which is also known as root access. Over various android subsystems. In simple words, rooting is the process to gain the complete authority of your Android device. If you have root access then you can fully customize your android device and can manipulate administrative files.


Actually, with normal privilege you cannot fully customize your android device to do that you need root access so, if you still have a question like what are the advantages and disadvantages of rooting? Here is the answer


Advantage of rooting

You can install custom ROMs:-

If you successfully rooted your android devices then you can install a custom ROM or kernel on your android devices which is the biggest reason for most people to root their android devices.


Ads Blocking for all apps

Do you feel irritated by annoying ads which are usually pop up in the middle of the game. Now you can take care of all of the ads with the help of roots.


Removing pre-install OEM apps

We all know that a few bunch of apps come pre-installed on your android devices which are installed by your android manufacturer which app can’t be uninstalled or deleted by normal privilege. Now with the help of rooting your android os, you can easily get rid of every single app which are preinstalled by the manufacturer.


Access root files

After rooting your Android device you can access numbers of system files which are generally hidden and inaccessible by normal user.

so are you became even more curious on how to root bluestacks. lets discuss about more advantages. You can get more advantages by rooting like


Tweaking your android device

Improved battery performance

CPU clocking

Full device backups

More display option and internet storage


Disadvantage of Rooting

No more warranty

Every android device has a warranty for some times by its manufacturer which allows you to ask for help if something unusual happens to your android device. But after rooting you will be disconnected by the manufacturer and you will also lose your warranties.


It can Brick your device

More power means more responsibility, so with rooting you are the only boss of your device if you misconfigured it in any way you can easily destroy your device.


Update Problems

You need to update your android device from time to time to eliminate the risk of viruses and malware. But after rooting your devices you will face several problems while updating your android devices,


Higher risks of virus and malware

You can face several attacks from viruses and malware which may cause the complete shutdown of your android devices.


Now you learn about rooting and its advantages and disadvantages. After reading the above words if you still want to root your bluestacks then follow the below step by step guide of how to root bluestacks.



how to root bluestacks complete step by step guide

.before starting step by step guides if you didn’t have bluestacks installed on your pc then read this article about How to uninstall Bluestacks complete guide to install and uninstall bluestacks where we detailed explained about installing bluestacks with step by step guide.


Method One:- By using one-click root With KingRoot app

One of the best and easiest ways to root your bluestacks or any other android operating system is by using the one-click app which is available at play store. And among them the most popular app name is kingroot. Basically kingroot app is an android app that assists you in the process of rooting your Android operating system that means, you don’t have to do anything manually you just have to click at once and you are ready to go the rest will be managed by kingroot app now we will discuss about how to root bluestacks by kingroot app. Let’s get started


Requirements for rooting your bluestacks 


  • PC with bluestacks installed
  • Kingroot App

how to root bluestacks by kingroot app

  • Step 1:- Open the Bluestacks and search for king roots app and install it on your PC
  • Step 2- Now Lunch kingroots app on bluestacks
  • Step 3:- click on root option after opening king roots
  • Step 4:- the rooting process will start immediately after you click on root button
  • Step-4 Wait until the process completes after the process has been done restart your bluestacks to apply the changes


Method 2: Using Bluestacks Tweaker

Sometimes one-click automated rooting will not work so we have to rooting the process of an android os from different ways. And the second most popular way to roots your bluestacks android emulators is by using Bluestacks Tweaker. Bluestacks  Tweaker is a software available on both pc and mac that allows you to make changes on bluestacks app. So here is the complete step by step guide on how to root bluestacks by bluestacks Tweaker. Let’s get started 


Requirements for rooting your bluestacks 


  • PC with bluestacks installed
  • Root checker
  • Bluestacks tweaker
  • SuperSU

There are several steps that you need to follow in order to successfully root your Bluestacks. They are as follows.


how to root bluestacks by bluestacks tweaker

  • Step 1– download Bluestacks tweaker, which you will find on xda-developers website.
  • Step 2– Now run the tweaker as an ‘administrator’ because you will be making some major modifications.
  • Step 3– A dialog box will appear on your screen, click on ‘Force Kill BS’ to immediately Close all the processes of Bluestacks.
  • Step 4– Once all the processes are closed, then follow the below instruction 
  • Step 5-go to the ‘Helpers’ tab and click on the ‘Unlock’ option on the menu.
  • Step 6– Now, head back to the ‘Main’ tab and click on ‘Start BS’ to reactivate ask the terminated services of Bluestacks on your PC.
  • Step 7– Again go to the ‘Helpers’ tab and now, click on ‘Patch’ it will take times to complete the patching process which depends on you computer performance so hold back and wait for some time
  • Step 1– After that, open bluestacks and download and install any root checker app on Bluestacks. to, check if it is functioning as required! 
  • Step 8– In the last step, you need to install SuperSU using the Google Play Store on Bluestacks. And then, restart your Bluestacks emulator on your PC to successfully root it!

If you have executed all the steps in the given order, your Bluestacks must be rooted by now.


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Conclusion about how to root bluestacks

So, as we all know bluestacks is the most popular android emulators for both windows and mac and have large numbers of active users per day. And just like smartphones, you can easily root bluestacks by following the above step by step guide of how to root bluestacks by bluestacks. You can either root bluestacks by kingroot app or by bluestacks tweaker both are as easy as drinking water.


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